It’s the Holidays! How to Travel on a Budget!

How to Travel on a Budget!

Each holiday I take my family home to Canada. We live in Kansas City, and there are usually four or five of us that go, so it does take some strategic planning. This planning should be done for any holiday really- but here are some tips that should save you some money and still guarantee you a fantastic holiday.

1) When flying, if at all possible leave on a Tuesday and return on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are always the cheapest days to fly.

2) When flying be sure to check rates on every discount travel website like expedia, kayak, etc. Also- check Southwest ‘wanna get away’ prices. You should be able to find something you can’t refuse after delving into all of that information.

3) If you are staying in a hotel, be sure to check the discount travel websites too- but also call the hotel itself. Sometimes they will give you a better rate than you can find online. And, if you do book a trip through a discount website you should still call the hotel and ensure that they have your reservations, the rooms you want, and the rates you agreed to!

4) Groupon is your friend! Check out the Groupon website for any stops you might be making and see if you can find a good deal on an activity or a restaurant. Groupon deals are a steal and it’s so much fun to find new places to eat and enjoy.

5) If you’re going someplace for Christmas, pack all of your presents in one bag and you can take the same bag back with all of the presents you receive. It’s not rocket science- but it’s good planning!

6) Bring along a cooler and take as many snacks as you can to avoid costly snacking and foods along the way.

7) If you are going to a popular theme park, try going during the week from Monday-Wednesday. This should help cut down on lines and crowds as weekends will always be the busiest.

Have a great travel attitude, be prepared for life’s little upsets and things that may go wrong, and have fun! Be safe and enjoy your time off!

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