How To Check Your SEO Is Good

How Good Is Your SEO?

If you are going to be successful attracting large volumes of targeted, focused, organic SEO traffic, then you need to have a clear understanding of the SEO health of your website.

There are many factors that determine your final SERPs position in Googles listings, but additionally, there are several important factors that act like an on/off switch to either allow your site to be indexed within Googles results, or alternatively to exclude it from ranking at all.

Google uses a series of algorithms to assess each page of each website that it knows about, or discoverss by following backlinks on other websites (that are already in its index).

Google does not show listings of every page on the internet. Google is an internet within the internet, a selection of only the sites and pages of those sites that it considers good enough to show to their users.

The quality metrics that they use to remove low quality sites are ruthlessly efficient at disposing of sites based on a series of SEO filters, the main ones of which are;

  • Page Load Speed
  • Duplicate Content
  • Mobile Compatability
  • Bad Neighbourhood Associations
  • Over Optimization

If your pages take too long to load then you won’t rank in Google, if you publish scraped, or duplicated content that is already available elsewhere then you won’t be listed, if your site isn’t mobile friendly or responsive then you won’t rank for searches carried out on mobile phones and tablets, which already accounts for more than half of all Google searches.

If you try to take shortcuts and build low quality links from link farms and networks then you stand a very good chance of being excluded from Google. Don’t take chances, use SEO³ search engine optimisation agency for your SEO needs.

They actively hunt down link networks that are actively trying to affect Google SEO rankings, so even if the link farm works in the short term it could be shut down at any time.

Over optimization is another really common way to be excluded from Google. If you over use exact match keywords on your pages, and in the link text of your backlinks then Google will drop you from its results.

There are many elements of SEO tht all work together to give your site a position in search. Combining all of these elements successfully is a skilled process and rarely achieved by accident. If you want top rankings on Google by design, commission DeehoSEO Optimization Specialists to optimise your site…. as leading optimisation consultants they are well equipped to enhance your site in the shortest time scale.

Concentrate on building a naturally written, high quality website that loads quickly on all devices with a natural, organic link profile and google will reward you with a place in its SERPs results.


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