NIP – Notice of Intended Prosecution

What Is An NIP?

A notice of intended prosecution or NIP is a letter sent to motorists who have been caught by a roadside camera exceeding the speed limit or not having car insurance etc.

NIPs were introduced when speed cameras were introduced as a means of notifying drivers of their offence and future prosecution.

There are several parts to an NIP, the most important one of these is the obligation to identify the driver at the time of Continue reading NIP – Notice of Intended Prosecution

It’s the Holidays! How to Travel on a Budget!

How to Travel on a Budget!

Each holiday I take my family home to Canada. We live in Kansas City, and there are usually four or five of us that go, so it does take some strategic planning. This planning should be done for any holiday really- but here are some tips that should save you some money and still guarantee you a fantastic holiday.

1) When flying, if at all possible leave on a Tuesday and return on a Continue reading It’s the Holidays! How to Travel on a Budget!

Team Building

A Look at Team Building

In the modern day to day busy working environment, whether it is in the public or private sector, in corporate business or institutions, the pressures are always there to achieve more, for higher and wider levels of performance, results and economies.

The expectations and perspectives demanded from management can weigh down with other responsibilities, creating pressures which can enervate, a situation which can leach down among Continue reading Team Building


Demolition And More

Brownfield site demolition can present a host of different disciplines and challenges in both demolition and remediation.

In areas where preservation of the “green belt” is rigorously pursued, brownfield demolition and regeneration is vitally important, and given the obvious proximity of utilised structures, houses, offices, shops etc. it can be a highly scientific and hi-tech affair.

Demolition waste is often bracketed with construction waste, both often containing the same or similar elements. Modern construction is beginning to recognise and reduce the levels of Continue reading Demolition

How To Check Your SEO Is Good

How Good Is Your SEO?

If you are going to be successful attracting large volumes of targeted, focused, organic SEO traffic, then you need to have a clear understanding of the SEO health of your website.

There are many factors that determine your final SERPs position in Googles listings, but additionally, there are several important factors that act like an on/off switch to either allow your site to be indexed within Googles results, or alternatively to exclude Continue reading How To Check Your SEO Is Good